• Jennifer Tucker

The Thirty Year Wait

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Three decades & I am not exaggerating. I started riding when I was 7. I was asking for my own horse before they could pull me off that pudgy little Welsh pony Marshmallow. Being the youngest of three & paying my way through graduate and medical schools left no additional funds to purchase a horse of my own until later in life. After catch riding Arabians, National Show Horses, and finally event horses I started looking for my dream horse. I was finishing my fellowship in hand surgery and I knew exactly what I wanted because let's face it, I had a long time to think about it. A Friesian! Uphill, powerful, gentle, elegant action--my perfect match! Then I learned about a racehorse my mother-in-law had acquired that wasn't winning. Apparently, if a racehorse doesn't win by age 5, they are no longer allowed to race. Her name is Commit and I was asked if I wanted her. An OTTB was the last horse I thought I would be comfortable riding. I was willing to take a chance so I went to the world famous Churchill Downs to see her.

I melted. The trainer told me if she didn't work out he would take her back as a broodmare. What did I have to lose? So for a mere $100, she was trailered down to Georgia and we began what has been an unbelievable, unpredictable, life-changing partnership. Never have I given up on her, nor she on me.

I've been kicked off of her by an Olympic rider only to have to prove that I can handle her talent. I have treated and rehabilitated her from a life threatening injury. Our partnership, or Love as I'd like to think we've grown into after 7 years together, continues to grow everyday.

She has matured from her dragon-lady adolescent days, can still have her moody moments, and continues to show off her huge hilarious personality. From a week in the intensive care unit to becoming an American Eventing Champion, life with Commit is anything but boring!

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