• Jennifer Tucker

Spring Photoshoots in the South

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

We set the date months in advance. I had everything in place: helpers, grooming plan, back up locations in case of rain--you name it & it was planned for. Even the timing had to be perfect. My mare sun bleaches very easily, so we had to shoot at the perfect time for all the foliage to have turned green but before she turns blonde.

I read all the articles & watched all the videos. Spent days, well weeks really, in preparation for our first photo shoot. But there was one thing no one mentioned. Let me tell you my southern equiluxestylers, plan for the clover! Who knew?!? Commit has never suffered clover slobber like she did this year, and boy was it impressive.

The towel was no match for the non-stop salivation. There were wet patches on the ground everywhere we went--thank goodness for photoshop!

We got some amazing shots and I am so glad Erin Wheeler at Sweet Fresno Photography was able to capture Commit's absolutely breathtaking beauty. Yes, I'm a very proud mom and not afraid to show it...or show you pictures of her awesomeness for as long as you'll let me. Check out these behind the scenes pictures and how Erin made them amazing!

And how about those flowers! Erin totally has the hook up with the florist at Beautiful Wild Design for garlands. I loved mine so much I made it a table runner for as long as I possibly could, and then some. Huge thanks to Erin, again, for making our first of many photo shoots so amazing!

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