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Photo Shoot Prep

So you've got your volcanic ensembles ready for your photo shoot, awesome! So glad the "Rock Your Photo Shoot" post helped. Now it's time to get that checklist knocked out. Just like my favorite microsurgery instructor said, "preparation is the key to success". You want to over-prepare so no small detail goes unaddressed. It's hard to think of everything so that's why you have me, yay!

My shoot with Commit is May 20th so now that I'm several weeks away, I'll be taking her to all of the sites I'd like to shoot. She's been to all of them before but it's good to refresh her memory. I'm typically tacked up and do not plan to be during the shoot so I'll do ground work at my chosen locations. If you plan on galloping through the creek with your long flowy dress billowing behind you, you'll need to practice that several times prior to shoot day or this may happen to you!

My hairdresser also does makeup so I'm having him get me photo ready at the salon before I go to the barn. You'll want to secure these appointments several weeks out. You could also arrange for them meet you at your stables if you have the room--which will be more expensive but more convenient. Make sure you provide images to your glam squad so they know the look you want. Trials are a part of the package so now is the time to practice. It'll also give you an idea of how long the process will take so you can time your day correctly. This is important if you are going for the golden hours & will mean a very early wake-up time for the dawn light. I was up at 4 am for our last dawn shoot, and it ended up raining so we had to wait until it was light enough to shoot. It was a total bummer but it gave me more time to groom Commit and plan our angles since we could only shoot in the barn given the complete deluge going on outside. Check out these photos from Matthew Seed--his lighting coupled with the time of day is beyond!

About one week out, I'll do my teeth whitening with trays. I don't get results with the strips personally, and a quick visit to the dentist for a zoom is another option that gives the fastest results. Go for whatever your time frame and budget allows. Schedule your waxing and airbrush spray tan appointments. This is more important than you think. Trust me, if you can't tone it , tan it!

Start gathering all of your materials you need to get your horse and tack in show condition. Make sure you know where your clippers are or schedule a professional clip. You may need quicksilver or green out for your white horse's tail or silver polish for your bits and western saddles. Polishing bits can be tough. The little grunge build up in the joints or on the inside of the rings are so tough to reach. I keep old toothbrushes just for this specific area. Pull mane if it's appropriate for your breed. Make a list of needed items and have everything ready to go at least one week prior to the shoot. I keep Commit on Black as Knight and use Dawn liquid soap on her tiny ermine spots. This is basically everything we would do to get ready for a competition, but no show ring nerves here!

Let the property owners and barn manager know your plans with dates, times, names, and locations. You don't want to learn about the new fence construction on the day of your shoot. Yup, it happened.

Check us out next week for day-before and day-of tips and tricks. I am so excited for you--those pictures are going to be gorgeous!

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