• Jennifer Tucker

Make Mine Green

Grab your shamrocks & let's talk green! It's one of my favorite colors and so easy to pair. My looks tend to come out preppy because I like such a strong Kelly green. And I went vintage this month, both in the saddle and on the street.

Ingrid Ysla is bar none my favorite jewelry designer. She is based in Atlanta and I am lucky to call her a friend. You've seen her in my previous posts about photo shoots. The details are so important and just the right jewelry can totally make your look. Necklace by Ingrid, Kate Spade earrings, sweater by Boden, vintage skirt by Giani, LK Bennet D'Orsay shoes, and my grandmother's purse and bracelets from the 1950's.

I even went vintage in the saddle. Ariat keeps it classic so each piece can last forever. Here is one of my favorite sweaters keeping the with navy-and-green perfect pair.

Full seat breeches by Goode Rider here. Ariat half chaps and paddock boots here. The sweater is by Ariat many seasons ago, but here is another green and navy option.

May all of your shamrocks have four leaves, cheers y'all!

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