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Let's Rock Your Photo Shoot

It’s Spring and there’s so much to celebrate! First, we’ve launched EquestrianLuxeStyle.com and the outpouring of support has been amazing. Thank you Equiluxestylers! Here in our house, we have graduations, weddings, and spring to celebrate. There will be hundreds of photos taken. How better to capture this stage in your life than a photo shoot with your equine family. I am excited to capture this spring with my mare Commit during a photo shoot with Atlanta based equestrian photographer Erin Wheeler with Sweet Fresno Photography. It’s so important that your photographer have an equestrian background & Erin has it all--talent, patience, and an artful eye. Check her out at sweetfresno.com. I’ll be posting more about the incredible amount of preparation that goes into a successful photo shoot. But let’s start with what I think is the hardest decision to make: what in the world am I going to wear?

I recommend bringing a few style options. By all means, include your discipline specific outfit and consider taking photos you can’t get on show day. I love this photo by

ESchreiner photography. Imagine this shot from above over a bed of beautiful spring flowers, amazing!

Another reason to don your show clothes is that the show photographer won’t capture any art shots of you. Check this one out by Noelle Phillips. Talk to your photographer about angles and lighting. Let them know what you want. If Erin knows this is the look I’m going for, she is going to do everything she can to make it happen & half the battle is figuring that out. Now let's see if I can save you a few hours on Pinterest!!

You’ll want another look in addition to your discipline specific outfit, or two. I’m a huge fan of capturing those everyday moments, but let’s be real—you must elevate the everyday for your photo shoot. My friend and jewelry designer Ingrid Ysla slays in these boots and rocker-chic Sheryl Crow elevates a gray t-shirt with an unreal statement bib necklace. Jewelry is a great way to elevate any look and Ingrid’s pieces are my go-to for an instant update. Check her out at ingridysla.com.

For a sportswear look, go no further than Milly. Designer Michelle Smith wrote the book

on combining American sportswear and Parisian atelier techniques. Here are my top looks for your spring photo shoot. I love these for the movement, color, and attention to detail. There are loads of off-the-shoulder shift dresses in seersucker, denim, and cotton out there right now. I wanted to show you a different option but this dress would be for full length shots and definitely not mounted! The

back is amazing and can be photograhed up close. Go to milly.com to see it! I’d pair it with a killer bright colored heel like this one from anthropologie.com.

For us southern girls who love seersucker, this is the best update I’ve seen in years. And I am all in with Project Runway’s Anthony Williams, “take a chance with pants”! This is another Milly look and I love the tennies---how awesome is that on a day when you will be on your feet all day. Here’s my seer sucker ensemble from a few years back. I paired an Ann Taylor suit with a Soshanna bustier, add the derby hat and you are off to the races! Another look I am loving is this off the shoulder wrap shirt. Pair it with white pants or jeans, add these mules and you are done! The shirt is from Petersyn and the shoes are Sam Edelman.

Last but not least, the florals. You can throw a rock and hit hundreds of flowy printed dresses on the racks this spring. My only caution here

is to make sure your print is small and the color doesn't distract from your

horse. I tend to go for the darker floral prints so I save those for fall. But there are so many lovely colorful floral dresses out there. Again, I tend to go more sporty, like this Trina Turk dress with the emphasized sleeves. I’d pair this with a colorful flat or small heel like these from boden.com.

I would not do any stilettos at all. They sink into the ground and get caught on uneven ground at the stables. Flats or chunky heels are the way to go. Another tip—avoid thin t-shirts. I learned this the hard way at my last photo shoot. I wore the wrong bra and every lump & bump showed, ugh! I had to really adjust the contrast to hide them. This happens with sweaters also, just with more bulk—no thanks!

Last but not least are the neutrals that work any time of year. Here is Gigi Haddid showing how it’s done with a romantic flowing dress. This is one you can ride in, just wear those boy shorts so you aren’t flashing everyone when you mount and dismount. What else makes this photo perfect—the photographer’s choice of angle, lighting, as well as her perfect hair and make-up. Your photographer will take care of the former, but you need to book the latter. Check us out next week for ways to get your photo-shoot check list done, cheers!

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