• Jennifer Tucker

Hello, My Name Is

TUCKER! I always get weird looks when I say that. I go by my last name because I grew up with 10 other Jennifers, no joke: Cole, Cox, Hall, Harned, Howard, Logan, Peak, Taylor, Turner, & Warren. I am an orthopaedic hand surgeon first and competitive equestrienne second. I dream about the day I can flip that! I have an amazing OTTB mare that I used to event, but now we are focusing on our dressage game. She is my inspiration for Equi.Luxe.Style. I got the idea a few years ago when I was building our forever home with my husband. I was trying to find resources to incorporate elements of equestrian style into my home & could only find traditional and literal designs.

The more I searched, the more frustrated I became. I did find some total gems and you will soon find those here at EquestrianLuxeStyle.com. From fashion to interior design and even cocktails, you'll find inspiration that was years in the making. And if you don't find what you are looking for, just shoot me a message. I have loads of resources and can't wait to share them with you here. Chances are, I have just what you need!

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