• Jennifer Tucker

From the Stable to the Table

Busy was yesterday. Impossible to "fit it all in" is the new normal. I have zero opportunity to go home after riding, shower, change and get to where I need to be on time. Arriving late isn’t an option for me either (I hear you Teddi Mellencamp!). So how do you get both clean AND prompt when your horse is almost an hour away from your house, your stable has no shower, no heat, and no A/C in the bathroom? Here is what I have figured out from trial and error. 1. Dry shampoo. There is such thing as too much so you’ll have to work with your product of choice. And get really good at braiding behind your back, fashionable pony tails and messy updos. Mine tends to look like this:

But I am trying to master these:

2. Make up remover wipes. I like the honest company wipes because they are organic and smell like Aveda products but cheaper. This way you can wipe the sweat off areas you need it & follow with deodorant--yes, again.

3. Powder makeup. The lighting in our bathroom is no bueno. So I use the same product every day and I know how much is too much. This is no time to use a product only occasionally. You want a makeup bag filled with things you can’t mess up. My favs: Laura Geller foundation, Naked Eye shadow, benefit "They're Real" masacara with eye lash curler, benefit lip stain. I use smashbox bronzer during summer only. Practice until you can do it with your eyes closed, literally.

4. A nice hairband, ribbon, or Bobby pin—just a little something to camouflage the fact you just pulled your sweaty hair out of a helmet.

5. One piece of jewelry or a scarf. Another way to cover up the fact you just finished mucking out stalls.

6. A change of clothes. This may seem obvious but requires preparation. You may need to change the entire kit and kaboodle including your sweat soaked bra (I’ve underestimated that too many times to count, believe me!) OR you just need to change your top. Whatever it takes so that your clothes don’t smell like the sweaty saddle pads in the laundry bin.

7. A towel if you don’t have one available at the barn. This is super easy to just keep in your trunk. Our floors are concrete and covered in dirt and shavings. If you are getting ready for the general public and “normal” shoes, you’ll want to stand on something clean.

8. A nail pick. There’s nothing more embarrassing than an inch of dirt under your nails as you pass the pitcher of mimosas. I have easy access to the ones we use to scrub into the OR. You can buy those on amazon, but using the pointed end of your nail file or emery board works too!

All of these things can be packed in a small bag. I also use travel size everything so I'm not packing the items I use everyday. It's worth buying a duplicate so you can dedicate items to après ride. I use a large tote to fit my boots, water bottles, change of clothes, and treats for Commit. I feel naked leaving for work without it. What do you do to prepare to be out in public after riding? Please share your tips and tricks!

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