• Jennifer Tucker

Friday Favorites! Kevin Bacon Hoof Solution & Hoof Dressing

Nope, not that Kevin Bacon! This one is British and he created this magic product from a combination of naturally sourced ingredients used by the ancient Egyptians during the mummification process. The goal is to #1 preserve tissue and not damage viable frog tissue and #2 maintain health hoof layers. I have used these products for years & swear it has absolutely saved Commit's hooves. She was on stall rest for a year from soft tissue and suspensory injuries back-to-back. The hoof solution is safe to use everyday, but I use the hoof dressing just once a week. I have found only one company that sells it stateside. Amazon has picked it up, but it's flown over from GB and is pricier due to customs, taxes, shipping costs, etc. So I found it here and they will keep in on hand just for us ;)! I highly recommend buying a few bottles at a time as they occasionally are out of stock. One bucket of the dressing will last you for a year, but the solution (depending on how much you spill /:) will last weeks to months depending on how often you use it. This stuff is truly worth it's weight in GOLD!

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