• Jennifer Tucker

Friday Favorites-- HKM CM Breeches

We are kicking this series off with my all time favorite breeches, the ones EVERYONE asks me about: HKM CM Piemont full seat silicone breeches. The CM stands for Cavallo Marino, Spanish for Sea Horse, so adorable, right?!? I am not exaggerating when I say everyone, even Kathy Connelly stopped me to ask. These breeches are ridiculously amazing and even more ridiculous to find. For once I was in the right place at the right time & I have run them down just for you. They are easy to get in Germany and England but here in the US--you'll need the hook up. HKM Germany has an eBay page and the prices are the best with free shipping. They have the denim versions which I live in and I'm wearing during the series launch video. I love them so much!

They are so unbelievably comfortable, have loads of stretch but still hold everything in place. They conceal cellulite, which is why the whites are worth the money. You can find the whites here and the denim here. I bought multiples because I love them so much, totally perfect for stable to street. There aren't loads left on the market so I would run, don't walk for these gems!

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