• Jennifer Tucker

Friday Favorites--DIY Horse Treats

Who has time to cut, shred, and chop when you are too busy jumping, piaffing, and reigning! What if I told you these were a snap to make, super cheap, AND good for your horse? SOLD!! I double this batch and keep them in the fridge. No preservatives here folks. I make super big ones with the peppermint in the middle for shows and gifts for my barn mates--THE fastest way to make friends ever. Quick tip though, push the peppermint into the top after they've cooled down slightly and then let them stay out overnight before you put them in a container. These suckers hang on to so much heat that I have melted entire batches of the peppermints. The melted mints end up looking more like a mistake than a gift. No matter what happens to the mints, it all adds to the absolute delicious taste, total yummo!

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