• Jennifer Tucker

Friday Favorites--Brush Therapy by SmartPak

Thrush season, ugh! It seems everyone I've talked to has tried every product out there and have landed on their favorites...but then it keeps coming back. The thrush struggle is real y'all! While we can't fight Mother Nature, we do need to keep our brushes from continuing the thrush cycle. But how do you clean your brushes after every use? Cue music and enter Brush Therapy by Smartpak. This powder literally does everything for you. It won't break down your brush's leather or wood components yet cleans all of the dust, bacteria, fungus, and grime out of your brushes in only 8 minutes. This is the closest thing to magic I have seen folks. It's always in stock at Smartpak here so just tack it on to your shopping bag and you'll get free shipping as well--total win-win!

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