• Jennifer Tucker

Fashion & Style

I miss Reem Acra sponsorship. I thought it was a perfect match. The elegance of dressage and the art of fashion. I had heard of Reem Acra wedding gowns, but it wasn’t until I saw the name on the low fencing surrounding the FEI dressage arena that I looked into her fashion. Wow!

The intricacy of her design, the attention to detail marries seamlessly with the style of dressage. Ms. Acra was a generous sponsor for many U.S. equestrian events and I for one hope to see more fashion houses take interest into our stylish sport. Could you imagine a pop-op Ralph Lauren shop at your next show? How many of us have time to go shopping anyway? I see an opportunity here--just look at what RL's Club Monaco did outside Noma Restaurant in Denmark:

This brings me to the difference between style and fashion. Fashion is what you buy, what is of the moment. It is a trend and has a lifespan. Style is permanent and timeless. It is individual and forces other to follow suit. We all have fashion in our closets, but how you put it together is your unique style. There are times when you must tuck your polo into your tan breeches, tighten your belt, and ride with George Morris. But the rules are bending. Even Carl Hester agrees, "For embracing new people, it's going to have to happen". But we must find the line between sport and spectacle. I am all for keeping with tradition but we do need to put our finger on the pulse of today. Catherine Haddad Staller was told she couldn't wear a brown shadbelly in the 2007 World Cup Final in Las Vegas, Nevada. But here she is in 2014 under the evening freestyle lights in a gorgeous shiny navy coat. Times are changing--how will you be changing your show ring style?

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