• Jennifer Tucker


We have so many. To balance them all seems like the quest for the holy grail! I've tried for years to fit it all in, but inevitably something had to give (sigh). The lack of time forces you to prioritize your commitments. No matter what, my mare Commit, has always been at the very top of my list. I committed to her the moment I met her. It took her a little longer, but she has committed to me. She motivates me in ways no one else can. Even to merge all of my crazy schedules into one. I learned about the bullet journal from Dressage Mastery Superstar Natasha Althoff. I love the convenience and the collection of everything being in one place: thoughts, schedules, to-do lists. I find one begets the other so to separate them is too discombobulated for me. I've used five-star spiral bound notebooks in the past for my bullet journals. But I'm taking the plunge and getting the Gold Book from Natasha, and merging all of my schedules and journals into one place. It'll take time, but getting it all down in one place will improve focus, efficiency, and productivity--hello balance!!

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