• Jennifer Tucker

10 Fun Facts

1) I was a model when I was young, like real young. My last cover shoot was when I was 10 years old. I didn't grow very much so my bookings decreased but my love for fashion never did.

2) I studied theater abroad in London and worked as an Assistant Director on Jim Cartwright's "Road".

3) My bra & underwear NEVER match. I have tried for many years, but can't seem to find a comfortable combo for both the top and bottom, sigh.

4) I change clothes while going to the bathroom. This is what happens when your schedule is just too tight. It is a very particular set of skills, skills that I have acquired over a very long career.

5) I dressed up for tests in school because I felt that it improved my performance on exams. This started in 6th grade and continues today.

6) I had to evade a crazed grifter through the slums of Cairo, Egypt at the pyramids of Ghiza. I was saved by 2 Greek men on horseback. True story

Riding back to the Pyramids of Ghiza, Cairo, Egypt

7) I am blessed with great girlfriends. By bestie and I met on a swim team 32 years ago!

8) Growing up in the Tucker household carried a variety of expectations. Beyond the basic household chores, you had to play a sport, play an instrument, have a job, and make the academic honor roll. I juggled 3 sports: swimming, field hockey, and horse back riding, played the french horn, and was a lifeguard & swim coach. I kept playing field hockey after college but stopped when I started graduate school. I still swim for cross training, even with bilateral labral tears, and I will never ever stop riding!

9) I finally got it right the second time around and married the man of my dreams over 4 years ago. We've survived building a house together and still feel like honeymooners!

Vacationing at our favorite spot, Riveria Myakoba, Mexico

10) I drive nearly one hour each way to ride my horse 3-4 days/week while taking a ridiculous amount of surgical call. I will find work-life balance, even if it kills me.

Life gets dirty sometimes, get back on the horse and ride!

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